Being a companion.
Out of conviction.
With a great team.

We see ourselves as companions. Long-term and reliable. With our customers and, of course, our employees.

What are the values behind this? Who are our partners? And which teams do we actually have?

Our values


For us, accompanying means providing personal and goal-oriented support.

Every client is unique. That is why we start with a detailed analysis of the individual issue and the determination of the goal. In doing so, we always think and act proactively and holistically.

As an owner-managed law firm, our partners personally provide individual support.


For us, accompanying means offering concrete solutions.

We maintain a culture of “hands-on”: Analyzing topics and questions quickly and efficiently — and present results in a comprehensible and transparent way. And to reliably support our clients in implementing decisions.

As a medium-sized law firm, we know the added value of pragmatic action — and live it for that reason!


For us, accompanying means inspiring new things.

Modern thinking, flexibility and creativity are what make us stand out. They are the key for us to be able to react quickly to your tax issues at any time.
In doing so, we maintain an activating and future-oriented way of working in order to show our clients new options for action and choices.

As successful entrepreneurs, we know the value of a refreshingly inspiring partner.

Our managing directors

Danny Bunzel

Danny Bunzel

Founding Partner & Managing Director
Tax advisor

Danny Bunzel comprehensively advises various companies on all tax matters, in particular in the areas of real estate, tech start-ups and healthcare. He has particular experience in advising 
complex, owner-managed companies.

Jana Bunzel

Founding Partner & Managing Director
Tax advisor

Jana Bunzel is the contact person for the current tax advice for associations, associations and 
foundations. She also advises members of the state parliament, the Bundestag and the European Parliament as well as companies in the creative sector.

Jana BunzelChristian Dräger

Christian Draeger

Partner & Managing Director
Lawyer & tax advisor

Christian Dräger has extensive expertise in providing ongoing tax advice to domestic and foreign groups of companies of various sizes. His focus is on advising and assisting domestic and foreign real estate companies as well as on transformations. Christian Dräger is also the contact person for Spanish-speaking clients.

Ricardo Behrens

Managing Director
Tax advisor

Ricardo Behrens has many years of experience in ongoing tax advice for companies in all sectors. His work focuses on healthcare and e-commerce start-ups. He is also specialized in handling judicial and extrajudicial appeals proceedings.

Ricardo BehrensPhilipp Hunger

Philipp Hunger

Managing Director
Tax advisor

Philipp Hunger advises and supports companies of every size in all tax matters. His industry focus is on real estate and telecommunication. He also specializes in advising on matters relating to partnerships as well as on inheritance tax and gift tax issues.

Our teams

Team Start-up

Bunzel und Partner Team Start-up

Team Real estate

Team Healthcare

Team Federations

Bunzel und Partner Team Federations