Being a companion.
With each other.
For each other.

It is our basic understanding to be a valuable companion — especially to our employees. Because only what we live internally can we honestly represent to the outside world.

What do we offer? What makes us special? And how do our employees themselves actually see this?

Bunzel und Partner ist ausgezeichneter "Exzellenter Arbeitgeber 2024"
Regulated working hours
Good pay
Home office option
Treadmills at workplaces
Continuing education
Office fruit and snack baskets
Job bikes
Ok, that's everywhere.
What makes Bunzel & Partner special?

Great liberties

For us, accompanying means enabling development.

We are convinced that people become happy when they are able to develop freely.
That is why we give our employees maximum freedom to make working with us as pleasant as possible.

Okay, when it comes to applying tax law, freedom has its limits, of course.

The opportunity to grow

For us, accompanying means providing support.

We believe that striving for growth is one of people's driving forces.
That is why we have structures to support this growth aspiration of our employees — individually, together and with each other.

All right, okay, there's still room for improvement with our office plants.

Joy and fun

For us, accompanying means living well together.

We think that work should be fun, as we spend a large part of our (life) time doing it.
That is why we cultivate a culture of togetherness, in which fun should not be neglected.

Not typical for a tax office? Hey, isn't that the reason to finally do things differently?

Now, of course, we can tell you a lot ...
What do our employees say?
So have we sparked your interest?
Then we'd love to hear from you!
Jana Bunzel

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